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Hygiene in nursing homes

The increasing shift of medical care away from hospitals generates many new infection risks especially for nursing homes. Protect your nursing home from those infection risks by creating a new concept for certifiable hygiene!

The reality of longer life expectancy increases the number of those suffering from immune deficiency and chronic diseases. As a result medical matters in nursing homes are getting more and more important. At the same time the risk of infection for residents is rising enormously. Especially to be taken seriously are infections with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, since they limit the treatment

options dramatically. Gram positive MRSA and gram negative ESBL play the biggest role in this context. Therefore, it requires a high standard of hygiene in order to prevent the spread of infections effectively.


A reliable, validated disinfection of all surfaces is a sensible measure to ensure a low-germ environment.


With the clinically proven DIOP standard your nursing and retirement home may easily achieve a high degree of hygienic efficiency and safety without further human intervention and negligible costs. We support you minimize infection risks and associated follow-up costs by creating a lowgerm

environment. The user-friendly DIOP products offer you the added value that you are looking for: easy, safe, inexpensive and compatible with your quality management.


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