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Hygiene in hospitals and clinics

Nosocomial infections in hospitals are increasingly coming into public focus. The need for new, innovative approaches is essential for all parties involved. In the fields of environmental hygiene and surface disinfection there is no alternative to complete room disinfections for the maximum safety of patients, employees and visitors.

Surface disinfection in hospitals is of particular importance.

Hospital hygienist Dr. med. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow

In many publications it is shown that surface cleaning and disinfection in hospitals, are insufficient. In addition to the hands, the environment (surfaces and room air: 19,8%) as well as the equipment and tools (21,1%) are the largest sources of infection.


75% of all persons being questioned by "German Society for Hospital Hygiene" are of the opinion that there is an urgent need to improve hospital hygiene.


German newspaper "Wirtschaftswoche" comes to the conclusion that every patient with a hospital infection causes additional costs by an average of at least 4.000 €. In the European Union there is supposed to be an annual damage of about 1.5 billion euros due to hospital-acquired infections.


It is therefore reasonable not just to rely on basic hygiene in order to prevent people from being infected in hospitals.

In order to protect people effectively and sustainably from dangerous pathogens in hospitals, DIOP has developed just the right solution against pathogenic germs called "DioProtection" aerosol disinfection.


The fully-automated DIOP room, air and surface disinfection system based on Diosol hydrogen peroxide combined with silver ions has been tested, certified and validated by renowned hygiene laboratories, institutes and universities.


You want to go forward with an exemplary hygiene strategy in the field of hospital hygiene? You want to meet more than just statutory rules or guidelines? Your awareness of hygiene involves more than just the so-called standard hygiene measures?


No problem at all, just get in touch with us. We are glad to inform you about our products!

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