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Application - Ambulances, operating theatres


Ambulances usually carry patients who have a weakened immune system, such as polytrauma patients, dialysis patients, cancer patients, etc. These patients must be protected effectively.


In the ambulance service it is especially important to ensure that the transport of patients with unrecognized infections and diseases are susceptible to the pathogens of nosocomial infections. Diop ensures the safety of personnel and patients.

We need to understand the necessity of hygienic measures, the idea "that you cannot see, cannot be there", is unfortunately still common. The strongest chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and unfortunately the weakest link is often sanitation.

Take the opportunity to test the hygiene of your ambulance. Our impression test gives you an overview of the hygienic condition of your ambulance.

Make an appointment with us. We will advise you without obligation on the use of an impression test at your location, and about the options available to you DioProtection offers to improve your hygiene.

For more information about our system, refer to the menu on the right side.


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