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Gaseous disinfection by aerosol generator DiosolGenerator

The modern disinfection method for a complete disinfection of surfaces, equipment and room air. The three-dimensional disinfection method of DIOP represents microbiological interior-hygiene at the highest level.

DioProtection meets the requirements of Biostoff-Verordnung, TRBA 250 as well as the KRINKO/RKI recommendations concerning the demands of hygiene for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces due to a modern aerosol disinfection method."
PD Dr. med. habil. A. Schwarzkopf


Atomizing Systems respectively Fog Applications by DIOP - The reliable and cost-saving air, room and surface disinfection.


"The fully automated nebulizer (also referred to as atomizer, aerosol generator or cold fogger) DiosolGeneratorTM disinfects* all the gaps, corners and edges. "


The system is composed of the aerosol generator DiosolGeneratorTM and the antimicrobial disinfectant DiosolTM*, which completes the disinfection measures.

The system DioProtectionTM can be modified in many ways and adapted to your specific room layout and requirements.


*The oxygen cleaved from the hydrogen peroxide breaks through the biofilm (the microorganism is killed) and allows the silver (silver has a sustainable boosting effect) to kill bacteria and viruses unhindered.

Product overview of available disinfection systems2

"The fully-automated DiosolGeneratorsTM decontaminate3 even the most inaccessible gaps (including rear-established objects and cavities)."

DiosolGenerator Standard
Room disinfection system with coated generator casing.
DiosolGenerator PROTEC
Room disinfection system with high quality steel casing.

DiosolGenerator PROTEC TUBE
Multifunctional room disinfection system with high quality steel casing and tube connection.
DiosolGenerator MF MultiFunction
Multifunctional, portable room disinfection system with coated generator casing, high quality steel nozzle and tube connection.

DiosolGenerator PHARMA
Room disinfection system with high quality steel casing for clean rooms and pharma production.

1 In the area of ​​hygiene and disinfection of dental offices also well-known under the name SeptProtector.
2 The effectiveness of the room decontamination with our generators is only assured in connection with Diosol disinfectants based upon many years of research and development as well as numerous hygiene reports. The use of other solutions is up to the own risk, existing hygiene certificates with DioProtection lose their validity.
3 Improves on disinfection by scrubbing and wiping (ensures pathogen reduction in locations that are not easily accessible.

Hospital hygiene
Ensure more hygienic comfort by using the effective room and surface decontamination method from DIOP. More hygienic safety in hospitals and clinics to protect the public, patients and your staff...
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Decontamination of dental practices
The issue of hygiene is more than ever present in dental practices. DioProtection has already proven its worth in the complex area of surgery hygiene and is being successfully used in more than 600 dental practices...
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Hygiene in retirement homes
The increasing shift of medical care away from hospitals generates many new infection risks especially for nursing homes. Our DioProtection systemTM has already been used successfully in nursing homes. Field studies by german hygiene experts have shown that our fully-automated disinfection procedures may save up to 54% of hygiene-related costs associated with personnel, time and material....
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Hygiene ambulance transport
In the rescue service it has to be taken into consideration that besides the transport of patients with unrecognized infectious diseases, there is also an increasing number of patients who are susceptible to pathogens of nosocomial infections...
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Our cost-effective disinfection products and disinfection procedures exceed current hygienie requirements.


In numerous hygiene expert statements we offer you extensively tested and in practice as well as in field studies proven quality products.


Eco-friendly disinfection
Our disinfection measures may also help the environment: Our agents are effective but also environmentally friendly.

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