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Disinfection Systems

On this page you find an overview of our various systems for the Bio-Decontamination of  rooms, surfaces and equipment through Aerosol-Cold-Fogging-Technology with H2O2. More information about specific target groups are available in the section "Applications".


All DIOP disinfection systems are made to completely decontaminate specific environments with well-proven hydrogen peroxide solutions.


The DIOP disinfection specialists and technical engineers are also developing tailor-made systems for specific customer demands. This includes inter alia stationary disinfection systems and battery-powered disinfection equipment. DIOP is involved in numerous development projects of major clients.





Product overview of available disinfection systems

"The fully-automated DiosolGeneratorsTM decontaminate even the most inaccessible gaps (including rear-established objects and cavities)."

DiosolGenerator Standard
Room disinfection system with coated generator casing.
DiosolGenerator PROTEC
Room disinfection system with high quality steel casing.

DiosolGenerator PROTEC TUBE
Multifunctional room disinfection system with high quality steel casing and tube connection.
DiosolGenerator MF MultiFunction
Multifunctional, portable room disinfection system with coated generator casing, high quality steel nozzle and tube connection.

DiosolGenerator PHARMA
Room disinfection system with high quality steel casing for clean rooms and pharma production.

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