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Disinfection Systems

DiosolGenerator MF (Multi Function) with tube attachment for disinfecting shafts and air-conditioning systems

Bio-Decontamination of rooms, surfaces and equipment through Aerosol-Cold-Fogging-Technology with H2O2

Mobile, electrically operated device for room and surface disinfection purposes
Allowable disinfectants: Diosol 3, Diosol 6, Diosol 8, Diosol 12 und Diosol 19
Suitable for: Fully-automated decontamination of small and medium-sized rooms (up to 270 m3,
upgrade to 450 m3), see application areas
Dimensions: Height (330 mm), Width (215 mm), Depth (345 mm), Weight (15 kg) without disinfectant
Power supply: Voltage (230 V), Frequency (50/60 Hz), Power 350 W
Maximum volume for disinfectants 1kg bottle, 5 kg container
Noise level: 62 dB
Dry air compressor, without oil: 1,6 m3/h
Consumption of disinfecting agents:1800 ml/h (this corresponds to an average of 2-4 ml/m3)

You can also choose one of the most innovative systems in infection control and prevention. The DioProtection system sets standards at clinical levels and makes sure that the hygiene chain has really been reliably closed without you having a bad feeling.

The MF system (coated generator casing with high quality steel nozzle) with tube attachment is ideally suited for disinfecting shafts and air-conditioning systems as well as safety cabinets and vehicles.

Clinically proven disinfection method

All DiosolGenerator models as well as the corresponding Diosol disinfectants are clinically proven units. All generators should only be used along with Diosol disinfectants as the efficiency has been tested for many years.