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DiosolGenerator - Functionality

In combination with hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant DiosolTM the DiosolGeneratorTM produces a fine, cold mist whose efficacy is being enhanced by silver ions. All accessible surfaces are reliably being disinfected.


The DioProtectionTM -System improves on disinfection by scrubbing and wiping, which is often associated with uncertainties :

The work-intensive disinfection by wiping off surfaces is subject to
too many uncertainties. Was everthing wiped down? Was sufficient
disinfectant used? Were clean cloths used? You can never be certain!

Did you really spent enough time to ensure that the disinfection has been thorough?

Since the device is portable and compact, it can easily be carried back and forth in order to thoroughly disinfect various rooms.

In dental practices the DiosolGeneratorTM is being used at the end of each working day after visible dirt or contamination has been removed from the surfaces.

The unit automatically nebulizes the right amount of disinfectant for the appropriate size of the room. Using Diosol-3 the whole process takes no longer than 90 minutes and does not disturb the daily routine at all.


The decontamination through nebulization with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is performed as follows:


  1. All non-compliant items must be removed or covered during the nebulization
  2. Laying out the judging indicators
  3. Imitation test carried out before nebulization
  4. Set up DiosolGenerator, adjust room size, nebulize
  5. After 90 minutes of residence time carry out the imitation test after the nebulization
  6. Sending the samples to the laboratory L + S Bad Bocklet or your individual partner laboratory
  7. Evaluation of the data after 1 weekPeroxide test sticks for DioProtection

Peroxide test sticks for DioProtection


DioProtectionTM test strips can be used to verify the disinfection results. Unlike manual methods, these test strips are considered as evidence for a successful disinfection and the results are entered into the table of disinfection.