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Modern disinfection through cold-fogging-decontamination



The professional solution for comprehensive space and surface disinfection


According to hygiene experts the nebulization of disinfectants is a very useful decontamination method especially where basic hygiene measures reach its limits. Particularly the clash of immunosuppressed patients with the clinical spectrum of germs involves not be underestimated risks of infection when only doing a usual wipe disinfection.


In addition the cold fogging decontamination by producing a gaseous mist reduces contaminations in the room air and also reaches the most inaccessible gaps. Just relying on mechanical disinfection by wiping will not lead to reliable outcomes.


A nice side effect of this novel, fully automatic application technology is the odor neutralization.


The environment disinfection by cold nebulization is used among other things in the following cases:


  • in case of multi-resistant gram-psotive and gram-negative bacteria as well as other pathogens in health care (hospitals, retirement homes, ambulance vehicles etc.)
  • against mold charges (mold spores) and yeasts in food productionProduct Hygiene
  • in building renovations to remove mold
  • at threat of viruses in the veterinary field (laboratories, animal disease control etc.)


The aim of microbiologically-tested cold fogging disinfection is to make an active, effective, sustainable and environmentally-friendly contribution to the ongoing infection prevention. Depending on the concept of hygiene it may take the form of final disinfections (e.g. patient transfer) and targeted disinfection measures .


Some of the many advantages of generating cold mist disinfection are:


  • lowest drug costs and uniform drug distribution
  • none to low spatial arrangements (all or nearly all the goods may remain in the room)
  • High fine, dry mist of gaseous H2O2 prevents moisture damaging
  • three-dimensional approach to disinfection
  • safe and easy application not requiring any additional training


DioProtection leads to significant improvements in bacterial loads compared to the sole, conventional scrubbing and wiping disinfection.

The indispensable standard of hospital hygiene - for the health of your patients, visitors and staff:


Optimization of hospital hygiene: The days of relying solely on scrubbing and wiping disinfection and hand disinfection in the era of multi-resistant germs, and increasingly immunocompromised patients are definitely over. In the context of a final disinfection, after release or transfer of patients/residents and the ongoing infection prevention, the disinfecting nebulization represents a complete, environmentally friendly and microbiologically-proven method of decontamination...  » read more