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Effective and sustainable mold remediation


Useful and indispensable products for mold remediation

When it comes to the issue of mold control, the prevention of health damages  plays an equally important role.


Therefore it is essential to carry out manual disinfection works on the affected surfaces besides determining the cause of such mold contaminations. In this case the hydrogen peroxide-based quick disinfectants with ionized silver of DIOP can be highly recommended.


The Diosol product line is able to kill any fungal elements and make it more difficult for the reattachment of mushrooms or prevent this situation with proper mold decontamination procedures.


But what can you do against persistent mold spores in indoor air spaces?

Manual mold works often come up against their limits. If the airborne mold spores are not eliminated, there is still a risk of recontamination of surfaces through the air.


A complete room decontamination supports a visible and noticeable success during complicated mold remediations


Some studies show that disinfection via nebulisation is an essential technique against massive mold contamination (eg water damage). Thus, e.g. a 9-fold reduction in the mold content and a 13-fold reduction in the number of colony forming units (CFU = sum of bacteria and fungi) could be detected. [1]


The advantages of Diosol-mold control at a glance:

  • environmentally friendly hydrogen peroxide treatment
  • Long-term effect with a noticeable reduction in spores of the indoor air
  • effective against recontaminations
  • easy and safe to use
  • no annoying odors
  • microbiologically-tested method
  • extremely cost-effective application


In conjunction with the Diosol-disinfectants (concentration> 6%) the DIOP disinfection systems provide an appropriate, supplementary procedure for the effective reduction of fungal contaminations.




DioProtection - A Disinfection Technology for sustainable elimination and prevention of dangerous molds!


...because you are responsible for health!



[1] GMS Krankenhaushygiene Interdisziplinär 2011, Vol. 6 (1): Dekontamination der Innenraumluft und angrenzender Wandflächen durch Wasserstoffperoxid-Vernebelung

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