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DiosolGenerator - Procedure

Short description and safety instructions


You have decided to purchase one of the most innovative systems in hygiene
management - DioProtection. This system sets the standards and gives you the safety of closing hygiene gaps. Before starting the operation, please kindly read the instruction manual carefully.

The system was built in compliance with German regulations. Use only the disinfection agent "Diosol".


1. Calculate the volume of the room and document it in the hygiene schedule




2. Establish a DioProtection plan




3. Place the Generator at the edge of the room

4. Enter the measured volume of the room (e. g. 60 m³) with the flow regulator and press the button to start the operation




5. Make sure that all windows and doors are closed. The operator must leave the room within 30 sec. after starting DiosolGenerator, as the system will automatically start its operation after 30 sec.




6. DioProtection-atomization/fumigation with hydrogen peroxide

7. Ensure that no one will enter the room during the disinfection process and during the 90 min. following the switch-off




8. The disinfection process has been completed without any residues




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