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Neutral hygiene expert opinion

Expert opinions on using hydrogen peroxide vapour to decontaminate rooms with DiosolGenerator

by private lecturer Dr. med. Andreas Schwarzkopf, Medical specialist in microbiology and infection epidemiology as well as Licensed expert for hospital hygiene:

Does the atomization of the compound Diosol comply with the
requirements of disinfection in a clinical practice?


  • A review of previous opinions showed that the basic requirements of the German Association of Hygiene and Micro-Biology as well as the Network of Applied Hygiene (VAH) are completely fulfilled with the use of a 3 % or 6 % solution, respectively.
  • An adequately disinfective effect was achieved even when a test contamination of 0.3 % albumin and 0.3 % erythrocytes was used.
  • We believed that it would be sensible to test with a stronger contamination in addition to the tests upon which previous expertises were based. Therefore, we chose to use a more than triple contamination of 1 % each of albumin and erythrocytes. When applied to the surgery room tiles, this resulted in a clearly visible contamination.
  • It is very significant that the system achieves an equivalent reduction factor of 5 (from 100.000 bacteria to one bacterium) of the enterococcus used as test contamination, although it was found in an extreme contamination.
  • Even in the "shadow areas" a reduction factor of 2 is obtained, corresponding to a normal cleaning.
  • I conclude that the procedure is very effective in the presence of protein quantities commonly encountered in a clinical practice environment - even under aggravated circumstances.



Expert opinion on room disinfection by Bionovis Hygiene Institute concerning the effectiveness of DiosolGenerator in combination with the disinfectant Diosol in narrow gaps

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