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Press reports

Wetterauer Zeitung (Local newspaper): Fogging system is supposed to provide clinical purity




Hygiene Academy Bad Kissingen: Invitation to the workshop "Fogging disinfection"




Implantology Journal, Technical Report of Dr. Valentin: Infection control by nebulization



Management & Hospital 10/2011, 30th Vintage: Disinfectant by nebulization - Dark past or bright future?




rationell reinigen (German magazin "efficient cleaning" 3/2010: Disinfection without residues




Reinigungsmarkt (Germa magazine "Cleaning Market") 2010: Maximum hygienic safety in nursing homes



Hellweger Anzeige 11/2011: For the benefit of patient health - Modern room disinfection system from DIOP meets the highest standards of hygiene available




IHK Wirtschaftsmagazin 09/2012: Nebeltechnik killt Keime




Der Hygieneinspektor 01/2013: √úbertragung von Krankheiten kann vielerlei Ursachen haben