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Silver disinfection

The DIOP-disinfectants are based on the combined effect of the two main active ingredients hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver salts. This combination potentiates the biocidal activity of our disinfectants, which ensure that microorganisms can be effectively eliminated or inactivated.



Silver ions have already been proven for some time as a disinfectant and as a therapeutic agent in wound therapy use.


Silver ions are effective against bacteria and other microorganisms. They interfere with important functions of these microorganisms by preventing their cell division. This way the cells can be eliminated or inactivated.


The operating principle

The oxygen being splitt-off from hydrogen peroxide breaks down the biofilm (the micro-organism dies). This opens the silver (silver is reinforcing and sustainable) a way to freely kill the bacteria and inactivate viruses.


The effectiveness

The persuasive effectiveness of DIOP disinfectants has long been tested and proven in numerous studies against many relevant pathogens until the present day (conducted by reputable, independent laboratory).


Expert opinion on the remanence of silver ions with hydrogen peroxide:

The present results suggest that, after two times of treating one area, we can at least talk about an antibacterial effect over one week.
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. med. R. Käflein