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Rapid Disinfection



Hydrogen peroxide disinfection spray against MRSA, ESBL, norovirus & Co.


Diosol disinfection spray: Universally applicable antiviral disinfectant spray with excellent effectiveness and high eco-friendliness - ideal for everyday hygiene.


The Diosol-disinfectant sprays destroy effective multi-resistant bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Moreover, even non-enveloped viruses such as norovirus are being reliably inactivated. It is used in various industries such as medical health care, food industry, production hygiene, mold control, veterinary medicine, etc.


The Diosol quick disinfectant sprays are available in the following concentrations of hydrogen peroxide: 3%, 6%, 8%, 12% and 19%. Diosol is based on the active ingredients hydrogen peroxide and silver ions. Colloidal silver used in minimal quantities (traces) allows a long-term effect on surfaces in comparison with conventional drugs.


Special Diosol concentrations are used in municipal and industrial water supply, and in the pipeline disinfection.


Packaging units:

Cardboards with 15 and 12 bottles. Art.-No.: 275236 (200 ml) bzw. 275235 (1 Ltr.).

Norovirus efficiency
Norovirus disinfection

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