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Disinfection with hydrogen peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a synonymously used word for perhydrol and μ-1κO,2κO′-Dioxidodiwasserstoff. In dilute form, hydrogen peroxide is a pale blue, colorless and substantially stable liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen. 


Due to its broad spectrum of microbiological efficiency and its good environmental compatibility, hydrogen peroxide is an increasingly popular ingredient in water treatment and disinfection. Especially in the final disinfection or ongoing infection prevention of surfcaces and complete areas, hydrogen peroxide has prevailed against formaldehyde.

The most effective hydrogen peroxide disinfectants are provided with silver complexes, whereby its antibacterial activity is enhanced. Colloidal silver in form of silver cations (ionic silver, not nano-silver!) has a long-term effect (remanence), which means that freshly disinfected surfaces  may re-contaminate much slower.


Hydrogen peroxide is well-known for its excellent bactericidal and fungicidal activity. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use products with proven virus effectiveness such as the Diosol disinfectant product line with official norovirus efficiency according to EN 14476.