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The effective final disinfection

Which disinfection measures must be carried out so that the spread of pathogens is limited to an absolute minimum?


Final disinfection patient room


The final disinfection is defined as the disinfection of an area or space that is used for the care of infectious patients.


This disinfection method pursues the objectives rooms prepare so that it can be used without risk of infection to the care or treatment of a following patient.


The final disinfection is characterized in that it relates (im Deutschen fehlt hier ein Verb) to all surfaces and objects in the room, which are or may be contaminated with pathogens. [1]


Unfortunately, however, in practice it is noticed, that too little staff is present and therefore the work can not always be carried out with the necessary thoroughness. In addition, failures may always occur, where either small (eg light switch) or other surfaces exist that can not be wipe-desinfected.


Final disinfection bed preparation


In addition, common mistakes in bed preparation may occur:


  • Mattress protector covers are wiped incompletely
  • Cleaning intervals are ignored
  • Parts of the bedstead are omitted from the manual disinfection [2]


The DIOP disinfection concept


How can you close the circle of surface disinfection efficiently and inexpensively.

The currently most effective final disinfection and complete disinfection of rooms can be achieved by combining so-called desinfection wipes with fully automatic disinfection systems.


Numerous reports, expert opinions, field trials for final disinfection with MRSA and permanent evaluations of agar contact plates demonstrate the impressive germ reduction and efficacy of DioProtection.




[1] www.hyginst.de

[2] www.institutschwarzkopf.de

Final disinfection:
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Final disinfection through room decontamination

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