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Welcome to DIOP - Disinfection is our Passion

How you improve your hygiene management significantly...

The three-dimensional disinfection


Millions of different pathogens contaminate your work environment every day and, at certain concentrations, represent a danger not to be underestimated by you, your colleagues, customers or patients. Even after thorough manual disinfection in most cases there is still a rather high count of germs.

Manual disinfection is often subject to imponderables. Has every surface been treated properly? Was enough of the correct disinfectant used? Were clean cloths used? You can never be 100% sure.

Tests in dental practices evaluated by Bionovis Hygiene Institute have shown: High levels of contamination of 42% of the surfaces could even be measured after thorough manual disinfection by scouring and wiping.

Is a room disinfection system for reliable protection. Overnight your rooms are decontaminated at the push of a button.

Is a method to achieve a considerably enhanced standard of hygiene. Extremely fine disinfection mist provides effective treatment over a large area, penetrating into the smallest recesses and to those hard to reach places. The process is residue free, representing an extremely environmentally friendly biocide.

It safeguards you and your patients or customers against the risk of cross infection.

*Dr. med. Dipl. Ing. Ruthard Käflein, New Disinfection procedures for use in practices, Zahnarzt und Praxis International 10/2003, p. 458-462 (German article)


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Your professional partner for disinfection measures:


Disinfection systems for cold fogging disinfection, surface disinfectants, sanitizers and hygiene certified by independent hospital hygienists.



The fully automated DiosolGeneratorTM disinfects* all the gaps, corners and edges.

  • new standards of hygiene
  • safe disinfection
  • minimum work for personnel
  • exemplary hygiene quality assurance
  • reliably closes the hygiene chain
  • provides safety that was previously absent

Now available in conjunction with our powerful service partners

Keimtec: Whether killing or irreversible inactivation of bacteria and viruses, or disposal of toxic mold and unpleasant odors - We offer you a professional decontamination treatment......
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